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Fawn & Brindle's Available. New litter Born 12-27-2019! $2500.00

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Our Dogs

Bayou Mastiffs breeds Old English Mastiff puppies as ideal companion pets. Mastiffs are very mild mannered and ideal for families with children.

Stud Service

Individuals who favor large breed dogs prefer getting Old English Mastiffs. These dogs are massive, powerful, and incredibly muscular.

Providing Service to Customers in the USA
Focusing on the States of North Carolina, Florida, Virginia, Georgia, & Tennessee, with Emphasis in Columbia, South Carolina

Who We Are

Bayou Mastiffs in Columbia, South Carolina, is a group of English Mastiff breeders dedicated in providing companion dogs. The Old English Mastiffs, with their large, heavy bone, and square head, are often described as gentle creatures. However, they are generally sweet and loving. Their breed is highly recommended for families with children because they remain even-tempered regardless of the level of play. Mastiffs are excellent watch dogs and are easily trained. Our puppies come with a one-year health guarantee and are American Kennel Club (AKC) certified.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to breed the Old English-type Mastiff with the desired head and bone structure, free of health problems, to be perfect for families and homes everywhere.


Contact us in Columbia, South Carolina, to keep safe with companion dogs from a team of well-known English Mastiff breeders.